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Welcome to Otto's Home Page!

Kicking back after an afternoon dive off Puako Beach on the  Big Island of Hawaii.  Read more about Otto here. 
A life-long recreational Scuba diver and dive instructor, Otto now commits his time to writing local diving and fishing guides, including the Santa Monica Bay Diving and Fishing Log.  He also enjoys writing tall sea tales. In the Bobby Wright scuba adventure novels, Otto follows the mis-adventures of an ocean-loving dive boat captain and his friends in the coastal California town of Santa Barbara. 
It's here!!!
The Santa Monica Bay Diving & Fishing Log is loaded with directions to over 20 locations for the best diving and sport fishing in the bay, including approximate GPS locations, charts showing landmarks, depths and other features, and notes about what you can expect to find (and catch) on the bottom.
Check OTTO'S DIVE LOG for an advance
look at a few of the lobster diving sites 
included in the book.
Available in paperback ($9.95)... click here to purchase your copy.

Otto’s new fiction book, Sunken Graves, is available for purchase now. As promised, it's a rip-roaring diving adventure set near California's Point Conception, which was notorious for causing sudden violent deaths and is sometimes aptly called the ‘Graveyard of the Sea’.
This book is for fans of action fiction who like fast-moving adventures, and if you’re not too squeamish about a little gore, it’s a fun read. In addition to Bobby & Shawna, there’s a potpourri of other interesting characters like the self-centered diver who stumbles across a silver treasure, a rogue reporter who will stop at nothing to make a name for herself, and two very nasty brothers who don’t care what they have to do to make a profit. A couple of local divers and the general boating public get into the mix and naturally muddle up the waters. Oh, and I should mention that there’s a very large and very hungry shark swimming around the same area. Alas, dear readers, if you want to know how all this comes out, you’ll have to buy the book. It’s a good read and I hope you will enjoy it.
The first book in the series, Sunken Dreams, is also available for purchase. Another new adventure is in the works....keep your masks clear and look for it soon!!



Money just laying around on the bottom of the sea, up for grabs to the first comer…who could resist?  A diver out for lobster stumbles across a hoard of silver in a graveyard of old ships off California’s golden coast, but a stupid move at the end of his dive almost costs him his life and lands him in the hospital.  The dive-boat Captain, no stranger to treasure wreck diving, tries to recover the treasure first, but the local press gets wind of the find and stokes up a feeding frenzy.  A few of the contestants are born losers, but greed has a way of turning ordinary men into sharks and urbane women into barracuda.  Everyone in town wants a piece of the action, and it doesn’t abate until a great white begins a feeding frenzy of its own. 
And don't miss the first book in the series, Sunken Dreams…..
Who hasn’t had a wild dream about finding buried treasure?  Our hero touched that dream, only to have it turn into a nightmare.  Four divers find a chest of old gold coins in a sea cave, and everyone wants their share.  Well, maybe some of them want part of someone else’s share, too.  They might have worked out their differences, but things swiftly become more complicated when word of the discovery reaches the descendents of the family who originally lost the coins in a shipwreck.  Intrigue and betrayal ensue as everyone fights for a share of the treasure. As initial euphoria dissolves into disappointment and greed, the characters are forced to cope with their own personal shortcomings and motivations, but a few discover a different sort of treasure.  The ending isn’t what you’d expect……or would you? 
Read More!!  Click here to read an excerpt from Sunken Dreams


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